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Boat Donors

Thinking about donating your boat? We can get you the highest donation value possible.
  • We solve your boat problems

  • No trailer or trailer is broken

  • Tired of paying fees

  • Too many small things to deal with

  • Don't want to pay broker fees

  • Want to get the best possible donation value 


  • We specialize in getting you the best donation value possible (appraisals, repairs and more)

  • We know how to handle each of these problems

  • You will have a dedicated manager to take care of everything

  • You donation helps Hero's (Vets, Police, Fire)

  • We never sell boats at auction

  • Approved IRS non-profit 

rinker .jpg

This beautiful Rinker was donated in memory of a NYC firefighter that lost his life on 9/11. Thank you for your sacrifice. 

Why donate to us?

Examples of previously donated boats


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